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Fit2Go Body Screen

What is a Fit2Go Body Screen?

Being injured at work, during sport or even going about your day-to-day activities can
cause a lot of distress and have financial, social and even psychological implications.

The Fit2Go Body Screening Tool looks at multiple interactions to do with your
Health, Lifestyle and Body. The Screening is led by a trained professional to highlight
all the potential injury risk factors relevant to your activity. It will produce health and
lifestyle advice that is tailored only to you and a specific exercise programme to
further help you reduce your chances of injury.

About Fit2Go Body Screen

Fit2Go is run by a group of experienced physiotherapists with a passion to improve
the health, lifestyle and bodies of the population and reduce the risk of injury.
An injury is defined as physical damage to the body, but it can have psychological
implications causing distress and anxiety.

Injuries can happen anywhere and to anyone – at work, playing sport or even going
about day-to-day activities. Some injuries have a long recovery time, and others can
be life-limiting. They also have huge financial implications with musculoskeletal injury
currently costing the UK economy £14 billion a year, the NHS £5 – £6 billion per year
and the global economy $796.3 billion per year.

So, how likely are you to get injured? As you can imagine the answer to this
question depends on many different factors and circumstances.
The Fit2Go Body Screen has been developed based on clinical evidence, by
experienced and passionate physiotherapists working in musculoskeletal practice.
The screening tool looks at multiple variables related to your Health, Lifestyle and
Body. It integrates all these factors through complex algorithms. This produces a
tailored risk assessment based on a traffic light system and highlights areas that are
prone to injury.

Tailored advice is generated explaining the reasoning behind each score, along with
an exercise programme to prevent future injury. It also advises you on appropriate
local services that would benefit you such as personal training, exercise classes,
physiotherapy or nutritional advice.

Unlike other screenings, this tool provides bespoke advice with instantaneous
results. It allows you to compare your results anonymously with others in your
demographic and current level of activity, creating a competitive environment to
encourage you to aim for the peak of your physical fitness.

The FREE online health and lifestyle Check Up, and the body screening itself,
become more advanced as you move from beginner through to ‘icon levels’ and you
can track your progress over months to years.

How it works

Process of the screen:

What is measured?

Injury risk scale

The physiotherapists that have designed the screening tool have had many years of
experience in private musculoskeletal practice. They know how complicated it is to
predict injury, however the diagram below demonstrates the basic principle the
algorithms are based on. We call it the ‘Injury Risk Scale’.

The diagram demonstrates how multiple factors to do with your Health, Lifestyle and
Body interlink to estimate your chances of injury. The scores influence other scores
between and even within each category. This gives 1000’s of different combinations
meaning it is tailored to you.

What does the software produce?

The software progresses with you

The level of screening grows with your overall score, so when you next attend your screening, the testing is as bespoke as it can be to your current level of load usage and foundation. The testing and the information provided is as unique as your DNA, no other tool can do this, which is why we have an international patent pending.

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